Elf Bar 1500 puffs Disposable Pod


Here are 3 of our favourite Elf Bar 1500 puffs Disposable Pod flavours!

1st Place:

Blue Razz Lemonade

Elf Bar 1500 puffs Blue Razz Lemonade sounded a bit confusing to us at first. “How would the combination of blue raspberry and lemon soda taste like? Wouldn’t it be super sour?” However, when we had our first puff, we immediately fell in love with this flavour. This flavour kept the sweet and tarter flavour of raspberry, while adding up a refreshing lemon zest. We can clearly experience the fizzy and bubbly feeling when inhaling and it hit out throat but not too harshly. It’s like having a blue raspberry lemon tart, but not too rich that you might get tired of after several bites. At the same time, it also reminded us of the blue ice, yet it’s not as cold. The Blue Razz Lemonade is just amazing in every aspect.


2nd Place:


Elf Bar 1500 puffs Disposable Pod Device 550mAh - Watermelon surpassed our expectations. Some of us didn’t fancy watermelon flavour e-juice because most of the popular ones taste like bubble-gum we had in childhoods. Elf bar Watermelon is not like the typical lush ice you had. We did taste the bubble-gum part. However, after we exhale, we could smell the gentle aroma of watermelon juice, a freshly squeezed one. The sweetness can stay in your tongue for long so just one puff can bring you long-lasting satisfaction. If you also like fresh watermelon juice, you’ll love this one.


3rd Place:


The third best flavour is the Grape. We smelled a strong fruity aroma as soon as we opened the plastic package. It smelled like grape that mixed with a hint of wine. Sometimes we had an overly sweet grape that we got sick of easily. But this one was so refreshing that it balanced the sweetness and freshness very well. 


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