Fruit Monster E-Liquid Strawberry Banana - 100ml

Today’s Fruit Monster e-liquid is strawberry banana, a combination that is both tasty and fruity!

Made with the best ingredients, including nothing but real fruit, this fruity e-liquid is a delicious, all-natural alternative to traditional tobacco or nicotine products.

If you’re trying to get your kids away from e-cigs, this is the one for you. It may be slightly more expensive than traditional tobacco or nicotine products, but it’s nowhere near the price of traditional cigarettes.

This 100ml flavor is the best I’ve found. It’s fruity, sweet, and great for any dessert, and because it’s in a tasty bottled juice, it’s perfect for on-the-go snacking. This is my go-to vape juice.

A rich, fruity flavor with a refreshing strawberry banana note that’s sure to please.

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