UK Launches “Swap to Stop” Programme to Help Smokers Quit

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UK Launches “Swap to Stop” Programme to Help Smokers Quit

The UK government has announced a new programme aimed at reducing the number of smokers in the country and meeting its target of becoming smoke-free by 2030. The “swap to stop” initiative, described as a world first, will provide nearly one in five smokers in England with a vaping starter kit, as well as behavioural support to help them quit smoking.

The programme will be rolled out later this year, with local authorities designing plans that cater to their specific populations. The government hopes the scheme will help cut smoking rates to 5% or less by 2030.

In addition to the “swap to stop” initiative, the government will also provide financial incentives to encourage pregnant women to quit smoking. This move aims to reduce the risk of miscarriage and stillbirth, as well as the number of underweight or underdeveloped babies born to smoking mothers.

To further reduce smoking rates, the UK health minister, Neil O’Brien, will launch a call for evidence on vaping among children. According to figures from NHS Digital, the number of 11- to 15-year-olds using e-cigarettes rose from 6% in 2018 to 9% in 2021. This increase has raised concerns about the potential risks associated with vaping.

To combat the illegal sale of vapes to children, the government will allocate £3-million towards setting up an “illicit vapes enforcement squad”. The squad will be led by Trading Standards and will help crack down on the sale of vapes to minors.

The UK government’s new programme represents a significant effort to reduce smoking rates and help smokers quit. By providing vaping starter kits and behavioural support, the “swap to stop” initiative could prove to be an effective way of helping smokers kick the habit. However, it will be important to monitor the impact of the scheme, particularly with regards to the potential risks associated with vaping. Ultimately, the success of the programme will depend on its ability to encourage smokers to quit and reduce smoking rates across the country.

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