Majestic Ju-Long ICED UP! 120ML
Majestic Ju-Long ICED UP! (Chinese Giant Dragon)A tasty burst of freshness followed by a kiss of lemon drops and topped off with a cool sensation that’s left on your tongue. If you like keeping a fresh breath after vaping, this one’s...
Majestic Orochi – ICED UP! 120ML
Majestic Orochi – ICED UP! (Name of an 8-headed and 8-tailed Japanese Dragon that demanded Virgin sacrifices)Juicy, refreshing and will remind you of being at the beach. Peach and lemonade with cool undertones set you in chill mode with this all day...
Majestic Ying-Tao 120ML
Majestic Ying-Tao An authentic cherry slush that will remind you of the one you find at the movies. Sit back, relax and enjoy!70%VG / 30%PG
Majestic Mizuchi - Iced Up 120ML
Majestic Mizuchi Iced Up 120MLJuicy grapes and blueberries in a blissful harmony over crushed ice. Mizuchi is a summer must have that’s blended in our regular Iced Up flavour. So fresh!70%VG / 30%PG
Majestic Turk-Tee Ice 120ml
Majestic Turk-Tee Ice 120mlA delicious Turkish Apple tea. With Ice 70%VG / 30%PG
Majestic Lee-Chi - Limited Edition 60ml
Majestic Lee-Chi - Limited Edition 60mlA true South African Litchi juice with all the right notes of local flavour! A 100% Fruit Juice Blend, served chilled and ready for summer! Pure, simple litchi flavour at it's finest!70%VG / 30%PG
Majestic Melk-Kos 120ml
Majestic Vapor – Melk-Kos 120mlA traditional thick, creamy milk (pudding), topped with a dusting of cinnamon sugar and a touch of golden butter70%VG / 30%PG
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