Guide for New E-Cig Users

Welcome to our introduction to vaping. If you are reading this, then you have decided to cut down smoking by using an electronic cigarette or switch completely. The world of vaping (what e-cig users call it) can be confusing at the beginning, and we hope this answers many of your initial questions.

What are Electronic Cigarettes?

An electronic cigarette is essentially comprised of three parts: 1. A rechargeable battery 2. A Tank "reservoir" for e-Liquid 3. A Coil which contains a wick that absorbs the e-liquid where it is turned into vapor. A man called Hon Lik created one in 2003 to help him quit smoking, but since then vaping has surged in popularity, and there are now 350,000 vapers in South Africa. Although the original design has been developed dramatically, the devices operate in an identical way to the early cigalikes. You may have seen these e-cigs in supermarkets and service stations. The growth of vaping in South Africa has created a vibrant online community who offer each other suggestions and answer questions – something that you will not find with traditional nicotine replacement products. Vapers have gone on to be hobbyists, while the first and without major point is finding an alternative to smoking which is best for you.

Why do People Vape Instead of Smoking?

Almost every vaper you meet will have switched to vaping in order to quit smoking. Compared to the 4,000+ toxins contained within cigarette smoke, the vapor from an e-cig is “orders of magnitude safer”, as described on BBC television by Professor Robert West. The health body concluded that, on “the best estimate so far,” e-cigarettes are about 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes and could one day be dispensed as a licensed medicine in an alternative to anti-smoking products such as patches. Research carried out by Professor West has identified that people are six times more likely to successfully quit using an e-cig than traditional forms like gum or patches. Also, the government’s Nudge Unit has recommended that it adopt e-cigs as a harm reduction strategy because it mimics the act of smoking, and this is why they believe it works well as a quit tool.

Why Use Something Other Than a Disposable Cigalike?

These entry devices have weak batteries and a limited range of flavors. This means they do not deliver sufficient nicotine to satisfy the cravings of most current or recently ex-smokers. The range of flavor is important because the longer you go without a cigarette, the more your sense of taste returns – leading to an enhanced appreciation of the e-liquids you can use. Trends show that vapers quickly move on from the 1st generation cigalikes to our 2nd and 3rd generation equipment as it offers a superior vaping experience and allows them to adjust the vape to suit their preferences.

What is in E-Liquid?

You may read some scare stories, but we know very well what is in our juice. Pharmaceutical-grade VG (for clouds), PG (for flavor), and nicotine plus flavorings. We only supply reputable juice makers who test their liquids, and we only bring you the safest brands.

How Does It Work?

The Mod supplies power to heat the coil, the coil is replaceable and sits inside the top tank part in devices such as the top-selling devices like the Uwell Caliburn. The coil heats up and vaporizes the juice on the wick. (Wick - this is the material used to absorb the liquid surrounding the coil element). The vapor passes up the chimney and is drawn into the mouth. Liquid from the reservoir in the tank is soaked up by the wick ready for the next vape. Larger capacity Mods such as the Voopoo Drag devices allow the user to adjust the wattage, which adjusts the flavor and quantity of cloud to suit the user.

How Do I Fill the Tank?

Simply unscrew it, tanks come with either top or bottom fill - pour in your juice but stop before it flows out of the chimney metal tube inside. With it still inverted screw on the atomizer base containing the atomizer coil. (or upright using a top-fill tank).

Do the Coils Last Forever?

Unfortunately not. Gradually the flavor will fade away, and this indicates it is time to replace it. This is dependent on how much it is used. Everyone vapes in a different way whether longer puffs or more frequently. An indication of when to replace the coil is loss of vapor production or loss of flavor usually resulting in a burnt type taste.

Is It Easy to Replace a Coil Head?

Absolutely. It's quick and simple. Unscrew the old head from the atomizer base. Open the packet containing your new head. Screw it in but allow a couple of minutes before vaping so that the juice has time to soak into the wick inside the coil head. *The above image shows an older style silica wick. Most wicks used today and certainly all available in Downtown Vapoury use Organic cotton as a wicking material.

What Resistance Coil Head Do I Need?

Does the one you currently use satisfy you? Vaping is a very personal thing, what works for others may not suit you. A higher ohm resistance coil will give a cooler vape (e-liquid is heated less quickly) while a lower ohm coil will give a warmer and cloudier vape (e-liquid is heated faster). Changing the resistance of the coil from the one you are using may alter the flavor you detect.

How Long Will the Coil Head Last?

As mentioned above, this depends entirely on the type of juice you vape, how often you vape, and how hot you run your coil at. As you’ll find with vaping, everything seems to depend on your preferred way of doing things. Some people change their heads every week or fortnight, while others stretch it much longer.

How Long Does the Battery Remain Charged?

See? This is another one of those ‘it depends’ questions. Are you chain-vaping or just taking the occasional puff? The more you use it the faster it will run out of charge. If using a lower resistance coil this will also drain the battery faster. When buying something, it is worth looking at the mAh rating of the battery – the higher it is, the longer it will carry on working. If you need to be vaping for a long time away from somewhere you can charge it, you need to consider a higher mAh device or maybe having a back-up battery.

Aha, Charging? How Do I Do That Safely?

Only use the recharging cable that came with your device and always follow the recharging instructions. Incorrectly charging your battery can lead to it getting hot, getting very hot, or even catching fire. The battery is a lithium-ion type and these are common in cell phones, laptops, and a host of other household gadgets, there’s nothing dangerous about them simply because they power an e-cig. The e-cig devices we provide have limited safety features and are regulated for safe use as intended and as stated in the user manual. Used and charged correctly it will serve you reliably. All of our products are genuine items and can be trusted to perform safely. Avoid cheaper products as they might not conform to the same safety standards.

Do You Have Any Other Products for Beginners?

Certainly, we understand that everyone is unique, and different products cater to various needs and preferences. We offer a curated selection of Starter Kits designed for new vapers, which are easy to use and perfect for beginners. Please take a look at the latest beginner devices listed below. If you have any questions, we're here to assist you. We were all beginners once, and we completely understand that it can get confusing quickly.

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